The Mountfield 1543H-SD is the perfect solution for those who do not wish to collect grass clippings. Mulching grass is a great feature and saves so much time as there is no stopping work to dispose of clippings. This great value for money tractor features a 452cc Mountfield engine, hydrostatic transmisson, headlights and the option for a tow bar. The 108cm cutter deck provides 7 heights of cut from 25mm to 80mm with side discharge or mulch options. Suitable for gardens and grounds of up to 2.5 acres.


Mountfield’s 2248H lawn tractor has a 122cm working width, twin cylinder Briggs & Stratton Intek engine and hydrostatic transmisson. The cutter deck provides 7 heights of cut from 30-90mm. Quality features include electromagnetic blade engagement, an audible alarm for when the catcher is full, mulching plug, tow bar, front bumper and a wash facility on the deck. An LED diagnostic display on the dashboard provides the operator with key information on the status of the tractor including rpm, battery condition, fuel level and service requirements. Suitable for larger gardens of up to 5 acres


This 2040H lawn tractor has a 102cm working width, 656cc Briggs & Stratton V-Twin cylinder engine and a hydrostatic transmisson. The cutting deck provides 7 heights of cut from 30-90mm.  Quality features include electromagnetic blade engagement, an audible alarm for when the catcher is full, an 8 LED dashboard display, front bumper and a wash facility on the deck. Suitable for gardens up to 3 acres


This stylish and innovative lawn tractor is the only 84cm cutting width tractor which features twin-blade cutting action. As a breakthrough in the design of lawn tractors, the Mountfield 1530H is great value for money for the high quality, efficiency and comfort for the user which it offers.

The power is supplied by a Mountfield 7750 452cc series engine, delivering 8.4kw of power to the wheels and 84cm wide deck, guaranteeing a performance that’s quiet, easy and reliable. With more than ten years of research having gone into this engine, the quality is visible through factors such as the crankshaft being balanced to reduce vibration and an internal oil pump which ensures a lubricated engine throughout use without any oil being spilled around. There is also less stops to refuel due to the six litre fuel tank meaning you can spend less time working.

The Mountfield 1530H excels in all conditions. The airflow caused by the blades along with the deck design aid collection in both the wet and dry, while grass collections are steam powered back into a 240 litre capacity bag; rarely will you find a bag of this size on a tractor this big

A seven position cutting height is included ranging between 25mm and 80mm which can be easily operated by the user, just as all the controls can be which are specifically designed to create ease and comfort for the user. The padded seat is ergonomically shaped and mounted on spring suspension, as well as being adjustable so you can sit in the perfect position that’s comfortable for you.

With heavy-duty pneumatic tyres for increased steadiness on rough terrain or in difficult conditions, twin headlights allowing you to increase your working time into the evening and the tightest steering and handling available allowing you to cut right to the edges of borders, the Mountfield 1530H is perfect for all large areas of lawn.


This Mountfield 827M Compact Rider is an ideal ride-on mower for smaller areas. It is powered by a 224cc Mountfield Series 5750 electric key start engine and has a manual gearbox with 4 forward and reverse gears and a soft start clutch, simply select the gear you want and off you go. For even greater ease of use, take a look at the Mountfield 827H which has a hydrostatic transmission and is as easy to drive as an automatic car.

The 66cm working width cutter deck features a safety brake with manual blade engagement and has 6 heights of cut from 30mm to 80mm. Clippings are discharged cleanly and efficiently into a rear mounted 150 litre capacity collector, which can be emptied from the driving seat. An optional mulching kit is available so that when conditions are suitable you can eliminate grass collection and recycle the clippings, which will save you time and return valuable nutrients to the soil.


The GR1600 diesel garden mower outperforms much larger petrol equivalents yet is extremely frugal, reliable and requires little routine maintenance. Features include Kubota’s ETVCS diesel engine, shaft-driven HST transmission with single pedal forward/reverse, gas-assist deck lift, easy reach dial type adjustment for cutting height and quick clean deck facility. The GR1600 also has the Glide Cut direct collection system and easy-dump grass collector

Boasting a 20.5 litre fuel tank, the G23 II with its 23.3HP Kubota 3 cylinder ETVCS water-cooled diesel engine, offers exceptional power and efficiency for day long mowing operations. The G23 II comes with a 48 inch cutting width and the 150mm maximum lift height gives excellent ground clearance for climbing obstacles such as curbs. Standard features include easy to use HST transmission, a top speed of 17kph, as well as full hydrostatic power steering, thus reducing operator fatigue. The G23 is also equipped with differential lock, cruise control and a heavy duty front axle. For added operator comfort and convenience, the G23 II incorporates a high back suspension seat, ergonomic controls and user friendly instrument panel

Designed to offer a powerful and robust mowing solution, the 21HP G21E, boasts a host of innovative features including Kubota’s revolutionary ‘Glide-Cut’ system, a three blade, rear discharge cutting deck that both cuts and collects grass. The G21E is available in both high and low dump grass collector variations and features a 48? cutting width. With simple to use HST transmission, and a highly economic and powerful liquid cooled diesel engine, the G21E has ample horse power and torque rise to complete the toughest of commercial and large domestic jobs, all year round. Other key features a hydraulic parallel link system for dumping at variable heights and a single lever to control the high dump without having to leave the seat.