Menage Levellers & Equestrian Arena Equipment

Menage levellers and arena equipment, manufactured and demonstrated throughout the UK. Manufactured from the highest quality materials and delivered ready to use and fully assembled.

Menage Levellers For Every Surface Type

With five menage levellers to suit every possible surface type and situation, and available in many different sizes and configurations per model, we recognise the importance of surface preparation for your menage arena.

Our menage levellers are the perfect solutions for maintaining an even, finely graded surface.

Suitable for surfaces of most types and towable by a wide range of vehicles, our levellers are professionally built equestrian arena equipment, made from the finest materials and crafted by experienced engineers, here in the UK.

Type 2 Arena Leveller

Does your aren have long thin rubber strips? If so, then read on…
Type 2 can be used with quad, gator, TPL, mower, 4WD or tractor. This is a purpose built grader for strip rubber only, designed to allow material to collect in the blades where it is deep. It deposits material where there is little rubber, leaving that flat levelled finish you are after (hence the design of several individual blades). This is important, as it allows the flow of material using a solid bladed machine, as a simple tined machine will cause the rubber to ball and jam up.

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Type 3 Towed Arena Leveller

 Type 111 can be used with Quad, Gator Tractor and 4WD. It is specifically designed for use on all fibre, synthetic and heavily waxed surfaces. It has 5 rows of agricultural grade ‘S’ Tines to allow more bulky fibrous materials to be worked in. Twin split rollers/compactors are used, as just one roller will leave scuff marks as you turn.

Twin rollers front and back, four in total. Can be used with ball hitch, pin hitch and three point linkage.

* New Addition * – this product can now be supplied with both towed and three point linkage on one machine

Type One Arena Leveller

 Type 1 can be used with a Quad, Gator, TPL, Mower, 4WD or Tractor. The standard A Type 1 is used for Sand, Rubber, Plastic, Woodchip and Combiride with a working width of 2.4m.

Self-levelling control blades to ensure a flat surface every time. Land wheels are easily adjusted by one jack for depth of work in the ménage and transporting. An opening gate to bring in material from kick boards and a strong neoprene wheel to protect the leveller and your kickboards from damage. Tines can be added at a later date if the surface is changed to a synthetic. Easy to use and female friendly.

 Cross Over

The Cross Over is a brand new totally unique one of a kind product. It incorporates a Type 1 Leveller and a Grass Harrow in one machine so easy to store and use. The only product on the market that can tackle both arenas and paddocks efficiently and effectively.

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