Carousel rake SPYDER 420

  Talex Company has extended its offer by adding a whole new line of high quality carousel rakes to be used for maintaining meadows and pastures. The said devices are innovative, easy to use, and cost-effective. They have been improved by adding a number of functional solutions which increase the utilization comfort. The usage of high quality of both utilized components and the production process as such are the guarantee of reliability, durability, and high efficiency. The machine should be used to gather mowed plant material, such as: low-stem green plants and dried hay.

Distinctive features:

  • In its standard version, the machine has 11 arms, 6 of which can be retracted for transportation. Each of the arms is fitted with 4 raking tines made out of high quality spring wire.
  • Retracted arm construction is based on the utilization of hinges, making the use of the component simple and easy.
  • Easy-to-use safety cover with a spring mechanism.
  • Swath forming lid is equipped with a high quality tarp flap, which is additionally enforced with 6 elastic elements. There is also the possibility to change the width of the formed swath by choosing a proper position of the component (5 positions available.
  • Device is fitted with 2 controlling bands, making it possible to smoothly turn the hook 20° left or right; what is more, while lifting the machine up by using tractor jack, the bands retract, limiting the freedom of movement. Thanks to the said fact, the machine is properly fixed and prepared for safe transportation.
  • Comer gearshift implemented
  • Raking height regulation.
  • Undercarriage is equipped with a tandem (4 wheels working in pairs). Such a solution enables proper positioning of the machine with regard to the terrain to be raked.
  • High quality rubber and steel used in the construction process,
  • Minimized distance between tines and wheels for the improved raking precision.
  • Machine is provided with 270 Nm power takeoff with M34 ratchet